my-OCCS Optimization Software

my-OCCS Optimization Software is a complete optimization solution that improves product design. By integrating powerful algorithms and interfacing with our customers' design software, my-OCCS Optimization Software accelerates and improves the development of new products.

Examples of uses

Increase the performance of your products. 
Reduce your design time.
Do not change your habits, improve them.

My-OCCS Optimization Software has been designed by engineers for engineers to be the most powerful and intuitive possible. Our technology allows a quick implementation of the optimization process of your problem while allowing to provide the most powerful optimization. Based on a variety of examples of mechatronics, you can discover some of our interventions and imagine the impact of our results on your products. It is up to us to adapt to your tools and not the other way round. To provide you with a basic mechatronics environment, my-OCCS Optimization Software contains modules for SciLab, OpenModelica, Excel, Code Aster, Arduino, .... And if it lacks a module to carry out your study, we create it.