The need for passive components operating at frequencies covering the VHF (30 to 300 MHz) and UHF (300 MHz - 3 GHz) bands is part of the development of systems for professional and consumer mobile telecommunications and onboard High resolution (Radar applications). Given the state of the art, the technical specifications and the dimensional constraints generally imposed for this type of application, only a passive component with guided elastic waves makes it possible to envisage a viable solution.

In this context, Franche-Comté industrial companies have grouped their skills and pooled their development tools to innovate in the field of acousto-electric radiofrequency components, to broaden their commercial proposal and to make their offerings more co-ordinated. For these different objectives, they support the FEMTO-ST Institute and the Cristal-Innov platform (Rhône-Alpes) and develop the long-term SMART-INN research project On well-defined actions through specific sub-projects.

September 2015 – June 2019 

AR-Electronique, frec|n|sys, Snowray, my-OCCS, Digital Surf, CNRS Femto-st


Project R&D BPI - Région SINOPE

The purpose of the SINOPÉ project is to develop a platform for on-demand services (SAAS - Software As A Service) for digital computing mainly in the energy sector but also in all other sectors such as aeronautics, The automotive industry (the Vehicle of the Future Cluster), microtechnologies (Microtechnology Cluster) or nuclear (PNB). The services offered will be shared on the platform and accessible to all players in the sector at competitive prices.

 In order to implement the innovations made, the SINOPÉ solution aims to achieve the following technological advances:
Automated optimization of 3D models of components and systems 
- Automatic transformation of 3D models of components to their 1D view
- An improvement in fluid mechanics models (CFD)
- The visualization in SAAS mode of the simulations and the results of numerical calculations on line and on mobile terminals.
- Secure data storage and long-term archiving with integrity guarantee.
- The possibility of passing the concepts in 3D prototyping (additive manufacture by 3D printing).

Step by Step Project

EURO/CFD, TRINAPS, Allucyne, my-OCCS, Vallée de l'Energie

Vallée de l'Energie